Rising Star Sunny Gill: From Gamer to Philanthropist and Aspiring Entrepreneur

Sunny Gill

Sunny Gill is a growing content creator, He is posting her content on Instagram @im_sunnygill_21


Sunny was born on April 21, 2006, and he is currently pursuing 11th grade.

Social Media Journey

Sunny Gill belongs to a well-to-do family. In 2017, he started playing free fire, and around 2020, he joined a YouTube channel and became the 50% partner of the YouTube channel.

Sunny became a self made millionaire, and currently he is earning from multiple resources. Later in 2022, Sunny started a foundation to help the poor by providing food and clothes to them.

“After a while, I also worked in my own family business. As of January 2023, I had left YouTube and Free Fire. In 2024, I’m starting my return YouTube journey. I started my third YouTube channel as a blogging channel. Now I am making creative videos on Instagram. Soon, I’ll be starting my own clothing brand,” says – Sunny.

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