Ramil Ganjoo Set to Release New Song “Pehli Baarish” on June 14, 2024, with Robach Music Group

Pehli Baarish by Ramil Ganjoo

Ramil Ganjoo, a renowned singer and music composer, His Instagram username is @ramilganjoo


Ramil Ganjoo is set to release his latest track, “Pehli Baarish” on June 14. The song basks in the innocence and boundless dreams of childhood and reflects on the journey we all take from youthful aspirations to the burdens of adult responsibilities.

The title carries a special significance for Ramil as he says, “We all have certain emotions lying right there under our skin, waiting to be washed away by the first rain of the season. That’s the main inspiration of the title.” The song aims to capture this essence of vulnerability and nostalgia, making the title a perfect fit.

The vocals of “Pehli Baarish” were recorded at Island City Studio, while the production took place in Ramil’s home studio. Reflecting on the recording process, Ramil shares a heartwarming anecdote– “My cat, Goofy, was a huge support throughout. There’s something magical about creating music at home, surrounded by familiar comforts.”

Comparing this track to his previous releases, Ramil notes a shift in both sound and personal expression. He reflects, “It’s sonically different and more personal on the writing front. With every release, I feel I am getting one step closer to knowing myself better.”

‘Pehli Baarish’ will be released across all streaming platforms on June 14th.

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