Rohit Jethwani aka juniorjethu upcoming famous dance choreographer brand.

Rohit Jethwani

Rohit Jethwani well know dancer/ Choreographer with his Instagram username juniorjethu.


Rohit Jethwani was born on 03/07/1996. He completed his education with Bachelors of Science in Business Administration from The University of Southern California.

Social Media Journey

Rohit never believed he could make a sustainable living from dance so Rohit never pursued it as a career originally. Being born into a business family where nobody had ever pursued a career in a creative industry, Rohit thought dance could be a passion that he could enjoy only until graduation. However, during his time at USC, he found a passion for education and Rohit started chasing his dream of building the most epic university that bridges the gap between college and the real world. To gain some experience, he joined a South African based education startup called iXperience. Though Rohit had the option to move to South Africa. Rohit requested that he could stay in LA and work virtually for the company so Rohit could stay connected to dancing. Amidst this, Rohit introduced himself to the world of Instagram and social media around February 2019 and Rohit started posting dance videos. to his surprise, because first two videos that he uploaded went viral! It was such a humbling experience to receive so much love from people all across the world and more importantly to know his art he had made an impact on so many people. Rohit was now convinced that he could pursue dance as his career. Rohit said himself, That “my body can move right now and I don’t want to leave this planet knowing I didn’t spend my 20s dancing”. In April 2019, Rohit quit his job at iXperience and started teaching Bollywood Dance workshops in Los Angeles.

Upon quitting his job, Rohit co-founded Garv with a mission to spread authentic Bollywood dance style across the United States and the entire world. At Garv, Rohit taught several sold out international workshops in the USA and India and produced viral dance content grossing over 11 million views on Youtube. After leading Garv for 1.5 years Rohit realized that he and his co-founder had different individual goals so they decided to disband Garv and continued to pursue dance as individual artists.


Now, Rohit moved back to India to pursue his dream of performing on the big screen as an actor or a Bollywood movie choreographer. At present, he is a freelance choreographer, Rohit teaches dance workshops, creates dance content for Instagram/Youtube and choreographs for various brands and music labels

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