Joe Joshi aka ohmygosh_joe upcoming filmmaker brand.

Joe Joshi
Joe Joshi well known filmmaker/ dance choreographer with his Instagram username ohmygosh_joe.

Social Media Journey

Joe started his social journey in 2017 with just one client that’s Karishma Chavan. Joe stay in Ambernath which is 2hrs away from Mumbai so he travels everyday which takes about 4hrs of his day. When Joe started shooting, he used to get ₹100 a week as pocket money from his parents which used to get over with just a train ticket and metro ticket after which he used to walk for 30-40mins to reach the studio. But joe never gave up and his is proud of what he become now as everybody knows who Joe Joshi is.

Currently Joe Joshi is having 100k+ subscribers on Youtube and 15k+ follower on Instagram. Joe also collab some of the Bollywood star like Kartik Aryan & Sara Ali Khan.


Joe wants to shoot music videos with well known labels.

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