Samriti Sharma: Preserving Culture and Values in a Modern World

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Samriti Sharma is a growing content creator, She is posting her content on Instagram samriti.sharmaa.


Samriti was born on June 9, 1998. She did her studies in MPH.

Social Media Journey

Samriti started creating content 2 years ago. She has the motto, “Explore the cultures together and stay true to your values in this Modern world.”

Samriti helps people stay attached to their core values and culture in this modern world, so we can preserve our culture and values by exploring different attires and places. We can preserve these things by creating discipline in our lives and wearing outfits according to place and situation. Currently, Samriti has 52k+ followers on Instagram, & many of her videos have gone viral; in fact, one of her videos has 3.75 million views.

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