The Journey of Mehak Kapoor from Student to Social Media Mentor

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Mehak Kapoor is a growing content creator. She posts her content on Instagram, @mehak_coach.


Mehak is currently pursuing her 3rd year of a bachelor’s degree in English honors.

Social Media Journey

Mehak started creating content 10 months ago, during her second year of college, with a clear goal: to avoid working a traditional job and start her own business before graduation. Over this period, she has assisted over 100 people in improving their Instagram presence, which has been incredibly rewarding. Many of Mehak’s clients have seen rapid growth, gaining thousands of followers in just 10–15 days and landing collaborations with their dream clients worldwide. Currently, Mehak has 49k followers on Instagram and counting.

I’m grateful for the chance to not only develop personally but also to contribute to the growth of others – says Mehak.

All the information was collected from Mehak Kapoor.

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