Shivangi and Princy From School Friends to Social Media Sensations

Shivangi and Princy

Shivangi and Princy is a growing content creator, she is posting her content on Instagram @shivangiprincyvlogs_.


Shivangi and Princy have been together since school time but became best friends in college while completing Graduation. Shivangi and Princy are content creators, as working as social media managers.

Social Media Journey

Shivangi and Princy started creating content in July 2021 from their Youtube Channel. They gained lots of love from people. Shivangi and Princy had been together since school but at that time, their friendship bond wasn’t that strong.

Afterwards, Shivangi and Princy got into the same college for undergraduate and then they met daily and became best friends. And one day, suddenly they thought of making vlogs, like it was just a random thought. Now, Shivangi and Princy are being loved by the audience through their quiz and question reels.

Our livestream is also loved by people, they wait for our lives. We’ll continue to entertain people – says Shivangi and Princy.

All the information is collected and Shivangi and Princy

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