Eshika Jothish A Rising Content Creator’s Journey on Instagram

Eshika Jothish

Eshika Jothish is a growing content creator, she is posting her content on Instagram @_.eshi._ka.


Eshika is pursuing her 1st year in BA Visual Communication.

Social Media Journey

Eshika started creating content 2 years ago. In the beginning she use a private account and she post her singing at first and when Eshika post it, she make it public and then after a few days back to private again.

‘I was nervous of getting attention from random people who i didnt even know’ – says Eshika.

Then, Eshika gradually started learning dance choreographies and thats when her interest shifted and started posting dance reels and her own choreographies. So now it’s a mix of all songs, dances and fashion related contents.

The views and the support from my audience is what makes me wanna put more effort and give my best, but obviously i’ve faced criticism too but i think that’s normal cause i personally learn from them and try to make it better the next time so ive been dealing with it well – says Eshika.

I wanna continue doing the same as this is what I love the most and i’m sure we’ve got more to achieve – says Eshika.

All the information is collected from Eshika Jothish.

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