Shwetha Salian is a travel blogger.

Shwetha Salian

Shwetha Salian is a travel blogger, who shares her content on Instagram @Shwetha Salian.


Shwetha did her education with B.E in computer science and Engineering.

Social Media Journey

Shwetha started creating content in Dec 2021. She is work in an IT firm and loves to travel and create content. For a few months, Shwetha was overflowing with work. Balancing both is no easy feat. Then Shwetha makes a schedule that allows her to complete office work, travel content and personal tasks. She loves to make a to-do list to stay organised. Shwetha always struggled to find a balance in her life, because life always likes to throw surprise now and then, she had to figure out how to prioritise her tasks accordingly. And now travelling has become part of her life even though having her 9-5 job.

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