Soumya Srivastava: From Makeup Artistry to Dance Sensation on Instagram

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Soumya Srivastava is a growing content creator, she is posting her content on Instagram @_soumyyyaa.


Soumya is currently pursuing her undergrad.

Social Media Journey

Soumya started creating content in 2021; initially, she loved makeup and used to do a lot of creative work. Soumya loved portraying every emotion and created several looks that were really unique, but a year later she stopped due to other commitments But during the process, Soumya started loving the creator part. Even though she had 1500 followers back then and a maximum reach of 10,000 for those 9–10 months, she liked being in front of an audience and creating something. When she came to college in 2022, she didn’t think much of it.

“I used to post a few pictures later in 2023. I started taking it a little bit more seriously and started creating dance content. I was always a choreographer and dancer; you will see little me participating in dances, one of the first was mauja hi mauja in school and I still love that song the same way,” says Soumya.

Soumya tried to be a little consistent and posted a lot of fashion and dance content, but she hit the jackpot when she started choreographing. She got 19 million views on a dance made in just 5 minutes on the spot for a college event. After that Soumya has been very constant with dances and everyone.

Soumya told us, “I have gotten a lot of love from different states, a lot of appreciation, and a platform to actually help people now, Having this platform gave me an opportunity to talk about women empowerment, discrimination, gender inequality, and everything i feel strongly about.

“I will continue creating a lot of fun content for all the people who have loved me, but at the same time, I will use this opportunity to talk about topics that are important,” she added.

All the information is collected from Soumya Srivastava.


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