Vansh Ghai is growing content creator

Vansh Ghai

Vansh Ghai is growing content creator, he posting his content on Instagram @vboy125.


Vansh was born on Aug 16, 2005. Vansh is currently studying in 11th grade about to be in 12th grade.

Social Media Journey

Vansh started creating content on July 11, 2020. During the lockdown, Vansh decides to make videos and not waste his time by watching web shows.

In the initial stage, Vansh has to learn many things. As he was knowing very few things about creating content on social media but despite all challenges, Vansh don’t give up & he maintained his consistency in creating content.

My content creation journey has been a rollercoasters ride in which I have learned a lot of things. I have lost a lot of things. I have given a lot of things and I have understood a lot of things – says Vansh.

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