Tanvi Inglay aka thetarotales is a growing content creator

Tanvi Inglay is a growing content creator, she is posting her videos on Instagram @thetarotales.


Tanvi was born on Dec 8, 1997. She did her studies in International Business.

Social Media Journey

Tanvi, Rohan, and their Instagram page, “thetarotales”,” started as an interiors page in October 2022. Later, their love of travel led them to explore the world and create funny travel videos.

Initially, Tanvi and Rohan started their page to showcase their love for interiors. However, they realized their hidden passion for creating travel videos with unique perspectives.

Their content quickly gained traction, and people loved the way of content Tanvi & Rohan were presenting. The audience connected easily with the content. With this Tanvi and Rohan are currently having 18k+ followers on Instagram and counting.

Ultimately, Tanvi and Rohan’s experience with “thetarotales” indicates that the best content frequently comes from finding previously unknown aspects of oneself. By keeping authentic and true to their passions, they have amassed a devoted audience that values their unique perspective. Their story should act as inspiration to everyone striving to create content and build a following.

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