Binu Tamang Journey to Building a Thriving Presence on Instagram and Youtube

Binu Tamang

Binu Tamang is a growing young content creator, she is posting her content on Youtube & Instagram @ayyoooitsbinu.


Binu was born on Jun 7, 2005. She is pursuing her college studies.

Social Media Journey

Binu began posting content to Instagram in June 2022, but it wasn’t her first account. Due to the disasters of hackers and other unforeseen events on the social media platform, she had really previously made four additional identities in the past. Binu never gave up and continued to pursue her passion for content creation in spite of these failures.

Binu has established herself as a prominent video maker on Instagram and YouTube thanks to her effort and tenacity. Lifestyle, fashion, and beauty-related content may be found on her Instagram account. The public connects with Binu’s postings because they show off her ingenuity and are relatable to them.

Although Binu’s journey has not been without difficulties, she has been able to seize these chances. She has also been successful in building a YouTube channel to go along with her Instagram account. Her Instagram account and YouTube channel both include comparable content, with a few extras like vlogs, challenge videos, and behind-the-scenes material.

The success of Binu is proof of the value of tenacity and commitment. She persevered in her enthusiasm for content production despite setbacks and challenges, working relentlessly to establish herself as a prominent creator on Instagram and YouTube. Everyone wishing to follow their passions and realise their aspirations will find inspiration in her story.

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