Hardik Banga popular content creator and public speaker

Hardik Banga

Hardik Banga Popular content creator, he is posting his video on Instagram @hardikbangaofficial


Hardik is currently 21 year old in 2023 from Delhi.

Social Media Journey

Hardik started making videos in class 10th and He tried a lot things be it making vines or videos in punjabi, since then Hardik was aware that he has to do something in the entertainment industry.

After creating content in many different genres, Hardik started vlogging in college on 1st year of the college but soon he realised that it is different to manage vlog and college at the same time. However, Hardik’s entrepreneurial sprit said him to start his business and promote his content. Hardik started creating reels around his business, some of his reels went viral hit 100k+ views and gadve him huge profit in the business.

“I came upto 10k followers with that video but soon, I realised I don’t enjoy making content around business and finance so after a huge set back in my life due to my personal health issues and relationships issues I came back, but this time I was making content around student life, dating and general topics this worked for very well and made me who I am today – says Hardik.

Currently, Hardik is the co-founder of advertisement agency Adsworm and along with, that he is a public speaker and storyteller delivered more than 50+ speeches and talks across India.

All the information is collected from Hardik Banga.

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