Yesha Dhiman is a young content creator shares video on Instagram & Youtube

Yesha Dhiman.

Yesha Dhiman is a growing content creator, who post her content on Instagram @yeshaxxdhiman and YouTube/Yagya & Yesha.


Yesha was born Sep 4, 2003. She completed her graduated.

Social Media Journey

Yesha started creating content around year 2021 or maybe before that & ever since, she lost 2-3 instagram accounts due to some envious people out there. They used to disable Yesha’s account multiple times and she almost lost her hopes of making an effort. She was tired of making new accounts even now and then.

But luckily i have a youtube channel with my twin sister, Yagya and it’s going wonderful and reaching heights! – says Yesha.

Yesha was still motivated on creating content. Then she is continuously creating new accounts because she doesn’t one to give up and now she has a successful and safe account on Instagram with 18.4k followers and counting.

Creating this journey of content creation is really beautiful and i wish to go much more higher – says Yesha.

All the information is collected from Yesha Dhiman.

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